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  1. Rachel Wild says

    Your Feedback Would Be Truly Appreciated…

    People are buying Wild As The Wind products as gifts at the moment, especially the FACIAL OIL STARTER KITs… but, they AREN’T buying ESSENTIAL OIL STARTER KITS… And, I think I know why…

    Although I recommend all kind of essential oil combinations to people in this article, they ultimately still have to decide which oils to buy. A lot of people lack the confidence for this… Sooo, this is what I’ve been thinking of doing… Putting together three different Essential Oil Starter Kits to be sold as a standard set.

    Please help me decide the best way forward on this. Check out the link to see how they would be presented and get an idea of the essential oils I’d include in the kits. You can either leave your suggestions in the comments of the linked article (which I would prefer, because it keeps all the information together), or, you can leave it here. What’s most important is for you to leave your feedback. Thank you x x x x

    Standard Essential Oil Kit Name / Function Ideas

    Relax & Calm & Sleep
    Balance & Uplift
    Detox & Weight Loss
    Anxiety & Depression
    Get Up & Go Booster
    Cellulite Kit
    Bath & Body Oil Kit
    Massage Oil Kit
    Knocks, Bumps & Grazes Kit
    Basic Essential Oil First Aid Kit
    Ease & Uplift Monthly Kit (Is there a better name for this?)
    Ease & Uplift PMS Kit (may be it’s better to say it as it is?)
    Comfort & Emotional Support Kit
    De-Stress Kit
    Time For You Kit
    Citrus Essential Oil Diffusing Kit
    Floral Essential Oil Diffusing Kit
    Tree Resin Essential Oil Diffusing Kit
    Balmy Essential Oil Diffusing Kit
    Calming Essential Oil Diffusing Kit

    Please add your own ideas also about what the focus of an Essential Oil Kit could be about.

    Plus I need to know your price ranges… How much on average do you spend on gifts? (Count the total amount of a collection for things like Secret Santa and colleagues birthday’s and leaving gifts… and the range these cover… i.e. ££10 to £45.00 etc…)

    Work Gifts:
    Direct Family Gifts:
    Extended Family Gifts:

    The kits could range between £12.00 and £75.00. The more people are generally willing to spend, the better the kits will be. So your pricing input is very important <3

    I really look forward to your answers x x x